High quality professional 35mm slide scanning service


Taylor Associates has over 20 years experience of providing a bespoke first class 35mm slide scanning service to museums, galleries, artists and collections. Each commission we undertake is treated as unique and handled with care. We offer advice on scanning options and formats, and we provide the most appropriate solution to suit your requirements.


  • Our standard scanning charge starts from just 65p per 35mm slide. Digital images are saved onto DVDs or external hard drives (which are charged at cost). We do not charge a writing fee. Digital files can also be sent via Dropbox or We Transfer.

  • If it is essential that your slides remain on your premises, we also offer a mobile scanning service. For this service we require the use of a standard desk and three mains power sockets (and possibly a cup of coffee!). Please contact us for a quotation: taylorpix@gmail.com

  • Email or written approval is required before we proceed.

  • Postage and packing charged as extra.
We have formulated a standard 35mm scanning specification whereby all slides are scanned and saved as 4,000 dpi TIFFs. From these master files, We can produce high, medium or low resolution JPGs according to your needs. These digital files are saved in separate folders and marked accordingly. The set price for this service starts from just 65p per slide.

If your 35mm slides have suffered from the effects of time or inadequate storage conditions they may require cleaning. We do not physically clean the actual slides, instead we clean the digital images using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Bridge. If you have slides which are under or over-exposed we can improve the appearance using the same technique.

Slide repair and quality enhancement

For glass-mounted slides that have broken or poor quality glass, we will be required to re-mount them into glassless mounts to enable us to achieve the best results when scanning. Once scanned, the slides can be either left in the new glassless mounts or we can remount them into the originals. If you require new glassless mounts, the original mounts will be returned. The price for our repair and quality enhancement service depends on the complexity of the slide restoration, quantity of slides and timescale. Please contact us for a quotation: taylorpix@gmail.com


If you wish to request a quote or discuss the options that we offer, please email: taylorpix@gmail.com and we will get back to you within one working day.